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Tyre Inflators & Pressure Gauges

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Ring RTC1000 Rapid Digital Tyre Inflator
In stock
£36.66 ex. VAT

The RTC1000 Rapid Digital Tyre Inflator makes tyre maintenance fast and easy. The RTC1000 inflates a 13" tyre in just 2 minutes. It comes with three adaptors, LED light storage case, spare valve caps and latex gloves.

Easy to use where you need it, the RTC1000 Rapid Digital Tyre Inflator is powered directly from your in-car 12V socket. Clearly see readings thanks to the large backlit digital screen. 

Auto stop ensures accurate inflation. The RTC1000 Rapid Digital Tyre Inflator is simple to set: just turn the dial to the pressure you require, click to set, then press start. The inflator will automatically stop once the correct pressure has been reached.

3.5m long cable allows you to reach tyres all around the vehicle. Simply wind up to store tidily in the back on the tyre inflator. The 70cm air hose can be stored in the inflator.

The inflator is easy to use, thanks to the flat design, large on/off button and valve cap storage. The deflation valve allows you to make small reductions in pressure. 

Ring RTC500
In stock
£32.49 ex. VAT

RTC500 Digital Tyre Inflator with auto stop function. Set the pressure you want and the inflator will remember it for future use as well as the unit stopping automatically at the correct pressure. 

The RTC500 Digital Tyre Inflator comes fitted with a 3.3m power cable to allow you to get around the whole vehicle. A flexible air hose with an easy access storage compartment specifically designed to reduce kinks keeps the air hose of the inflator in top condition.

Includes a direction white LED light for maximum illumination when and where you need it.

The RTC500 Digital Tyre Inflator comes with a three-piece adpator kit for bike tyre, balls and other inflatables as well as a storage case.

Ring RTC6000 Cordless
In stock
£71.66 ex. VAT

Cordless tyre inflator, ideal for camping and road trips. The RTC6000 digital tyre inflator can inflate a tyre in just two minutes. Comes with air compressor setting for tyres, and air pump setting for air beds. Can inflate a single airbed in just two minutes.

Comes with LED light to make night time inflation easier and safer. Also comes with 10 piece adaptor set for use with tyres, bicycle tyres, motorcycle tyres, balls, airbeds and other inflatables. Includes case and storage for adaptors.

The large backlit screen is easy to read. The autostop function helps you inflate accurately. Simply rotate the dial to the pressure you need, click and press start. The inflator will automatically stop at the set pressure. Units can be shown in PSI, kPA or bar.

Resilient and versatile. The flat design remains stable during use. The long cable and air hose can reach tyres all around even larger vehicles. The cable winds up easily and neatly into the back of the compressor. The air nozzle is made from durable brass, for long term, repeated use. The large on/off bottom makes the inflator easy to operate.

Has an integrated power bank, which is ideal for recharging phones and other devices. The inflator comes with a mains plug and 12V adaptor - can be used cordless or from in-car 12V socket. A camping and road trip essential.

Ring RTK4 Flat Tyre Repair Kit
In stock
£24.99 ex. VAT

The Ring RTK4 Flat Tyre Repair Kit is designed to seal punctures up to 6mm. With Particle Gel Sealant technology made to original car makers' specification, the gel can be easily cleaned by rinsing the sealant from the tyre with water and allowing the tyre to be fully repaired. The provided air compressor in the tyre repair kit helps push the tyre sealant around the tyre, allowing the puncture to be covered.

No need for jacks or tools, the flat tyre sealant is is tyre-pressure monitoring system (TPMS) safe and suitable for use in all weather conditions. You can drive up to 200km/125mi at 80km/h/50mph using the flat tyre sealant before needing professional repair, allowing you to get home safely and quickly.

Includes tyre inflator and storage case.